Let Me Truly Introduce Myself

My name is MS.CHRISTIN but I go by C.NICHOLE.I songwrite,if you don’t like my ish…i truly and sincerely don’t give a f**k…in all honesty.I do enjoy constructive criticism but if you want to be rude…that’s fine too.Words can’t make my days go bad;it takes actions.I love college and wouldn’t give it up unless someone gave […]

Ayeee…At The Club.Lol

(Raquel Raquel,Willie,Raffinae,Me,and Solo all in the background.)   Club AM/PM in Downtown Dallas was coo. Didn’t get there til around 1am and it closed at 2am. My sis friend DJ ASAP was dj-ing. Solo takes pics for Lastz Nite (lastznite.com) and he was like I remember you. Aren’t you 18, you ain’t suppose to be […]

F The Dean’s List…The Semester Is Over

So I made the dean’s list an it isn’t as special as it seems. You only get bragging rights, no extra money. But that’s good for me graduating high school going straight into college and taking 18 hours(credits).University of Houston Business College! Ayeeee! I’m in summer school now back in Dallas getting extra classes knocked […]