The Name Speaks For Itself  Downtown Houston   Back in the H-Town.The weekend I arrived down there I was feeling it.Got to kick it with the “homies”.I had a photoshoot and everything.But then Sunday afternoon,the last day before the ’09-’10 school year started,I started thinking.I start thinking of how my life is totally different down […]

Slumber Party

 My Lil Bro And Lil Sis In My Kitchen/Living Room  My Mama And Cousin In My Room Watching The Game  My Nephew All In The Shower.Hahaha   I decided for everyone to just stay at my place and spend a night.Originally I thought it was just going to be my lil sis and my nephew,but […]

 My Sis,Me,Raquel Raquel at Joyce (restroom pic.lol) I had to get it in one time before I left for school.I was leaving for school at 4am Friday so I had to club it out on Thursday night.Michel from Party Chaser started it all with a text earlier that morning asking if I was coming to […]

Fake A$$ Ballers;But Kind of Clever…Still Lame & Full of Fakeness

I’ve just came across some new information about “Ballers” or should I saw “Fake Ballers”.These things happen on a daily basis but especially in major cities.What these people do is go to the club an order MAJOR drinks (not naming any names here).They have a good time during enjoying their “night-life” activites with their friends.The […]

The End of Summer ’09

My Sis,Me,Raquel Raquel.Hung With These Guys All Summer 😀   Summer is now over.I’m back in school.Just wanted to re-cap my summer.I’ve had the best summer in a long time.Actually I believe this is the best summer I’ve ever had.I learned about about the industry and people that are in the industry.I would never want […]

First Time At The Dallas Market Center…Super Inspirational

My and My Nephew Dallas Market Center (The Inside) Same Thing So I had never been to the Dallas Market Center during “market time”. I believe one can’t be a model without ever going to any market center in any city.I had always heard about it from the Fashion Marketing class I took in high […]

On Location For The Taping of Lil Flip’s “Who’s Got Next-School of Beats” Reality Show

OMG was so tired of seeing those restroom walls.It’s like Raquel Raquel,my sis,and I lived in there doing make-up,hair,changing,talking…I was getting so bored in there.lol.Raquel Raquel know   I’m not going to do that much talking because I did enough of that on the last post;so I know ya’ll eyes are tired.lol.It was a taping […]

My Time At Dorrough’s Album Release Party At CIRQUE Was Horrible.And I’ll Explain…

Raquel Raquel,Me,My Sis Me and Alexia (aka Ms.Lexi The Singer) Packed As Usual As I’ve Heard From Cirque Regulars (This Is The Downstairs) Finally People Stop Moving To Watch The Performance (Air Started Circulating Again Upstairs.Lol) [it looks like Coco the only female in the pic.lol]   SO IT STARTS…I went with my sis and […]


Everything should speak for its self.These kids think this is cute but it makes Young Black America look stupid.I don’t want my nephew running around talking about “partna dem”.No way! 😉  

The Prophet Bar,To The 8Lounge,To The Mosaic (all on a wed. night…glad i dont have a 9 to 5.lol)

Jason,L,Me,My Sis at The Prophet Bar DBF Gang Performing At The 8Lounge DJ Asap and L At The Mosaic Ok so I didn’t get home until 5am.Me and my sis went to The Prophet Bar to see L perform with his crew,DBF Gang (www.myspace.com/dbfgang) They tore it down with the live band.Wanted to stay longer […]

Is U Payin (Nawll Im Broke)—My 1st Comedy Rap.Hilarious!

Me and My Lil Bro,Chris [we were at the radio station then,but whatever.The video is down below ;)]