Ms.Dominique Auxilly is a couture fashion designer in New York. She has some Brilliant! work. Check out her website and look at her designs. Spead the word about this young lady. She’s going to be doing even bigger things than what she has already accomplished.  

My First College Football Game—U of H vs. Texas Tech

Me and The Homegirl Ashley An The Game Starts Zacquet aka Sparxx Was Too Crunk Throwing Up The Go Coogs Sign Even Though Ya’ll Can’t See After Our Last Touchdown Which Guaranteed Our Win With A One Point Lead.Ya’ll See The Go Coogs Sign Way In The Air 😉 I started college at the […]

Because I Am a Woman…

Because I Am a Woman: I don’t need to hear your disrespectful word of Bitch. I am classy so I will never be a hoe. I need you to be respectful to the fact that sex is not a necessity. I take it in a disrespectful way when you dare ask me can you spend […]

NAPW Is A Scam!!!

The National Association of Professional Women is a scam! They send you this info card to fill out saying it’s free. (But yeah you know it’s not. I mean what organization is though?). Then after they receive it they call you from a Private Number to ask questions like what’s the significance of your company, […]

A Relationship Is A Job And “Talking” Is An Interview; And Let’s Not Forget The Age Factor

  I met this guy named Nicholas at my school and after spending some time with him, it got me to thinking. I feel like I’m in a F-In interview. A really started feeling it because when you first hanging out with someone, it’s like a million questions thrown at you and they stare at […]


Big Tex-Marketer I’m doing a project for my Genb business class, and my one of the requirements is to get an interview from a marketer. I chose to contact Big Tex because I believe he is one of the best marketers. I met Big Tex about a year ago at the Texas Summer Music Conference […]

My Lil Bro,Chris,Wrote The Best Essay About Me For His English 1301 Class :D

 My Lil Bro.Yes He Is Full Of Humor And Games.Lol   “Throughout life, you meet many people. Some people you don’t like and try to avoid, but there are some people you like and try to get closer to. However, have you ever wondered which of the people in your life are significant to you? […]

There Are Those Who “Care” Or Those Who “Get It”…You Hardily Find Both

Jim Mourey This is about some words that hit me, that came out of Jim Mourey’s mouth.He has too much for me to write about his resume so how about you just google he came to speak to my Genb 2301 class and it was interesting.He talked about how it’s not about “who you […]

My Drive Never Depreciates, It Only Appreciates…Because Of Inspiration

My Genb 2301 (Business Lab) Teacher   Jamie Belinne picture is up here for a reason. She was told all her life my peers that basically “she sucks!” in athletics. They never wanted to pick her for anything so she just figured she was no good. When she became an adult, one of her friends […]

Let’s Progress Not Regress

I attended a Career Fair at my school just to be nosey and look around because I knew there was going to be no hope for a person like me. The jobs there are paying $7.50 an hour. Of course it’s part time because students attend school. I got to calculating working an average of […]

All I Did Was Accept Your Friend Request!

What is up with people looking for love online. Don’t give me the sad story of people not having time and what not. Love is suppose to happen when you least expect it, to some out of the blue; not for you to go searching for it. People feel that are so depressed with out […]

“Sometimes I Trip On How Happy We Could [Of Been]”

It’s been a day since I cut it loose and I’ve been thinking about it constantly; it’s even been in dreams like real talk! So I feel that the best way to let it go is to write about it and it doesn’t even matter if it gets back to him…I’m going to be good […]

Sororities and Fraternities—The Greeks From America.HA!

Don’t They Look So Lovely All Smiling In Pink With This Unknown Sorority So I Guess He’s Going To Put On A Show For Us Huh? So I See It’s Rush Week…Won’t Catch Me Getting Hazed And Paying Those Damn Fees They are LAME! I look around and see people in these certain colors with […]


 All Sweating But Whatever.And Dont Speak On The Outfit…All My B-Ball Shorts Were Talk  Pose For The Camera Now Flick was playing tennis prissy…that’s why I wasn’t getting all the balls.hahahah! So I’ve been watching the U.S. Open lately. I believe I got interested in tennis after reading Toure’s book Never Drank the […]

I’m Just My GOD Given Name!

Yes those are the visor eye things you get from the eye doctor after having you eyes dilated.100% U.V. protection beats some 70% protected sunglasses any day…An I do wear them to the fullest! 😉   I feeling Ms.Solange and it’s weird because I’m not even famous!I understand the relationship between Solange and Beyonce and how […]