In Paris


BMI/Hitsheets Event At The Cobden Club In London

Seeing that I’m a memeber of BMI (songwriter/publisher) I wanted to go check out the U.K. talent, because I knew that I was about to come over here from the states. The Cobden Club is tucked away on Kensal Road and is a nice place might I add. I missed the performance with Ben Glover […]

In London: Episode 2


FDM At Mayfair Club In London

I’ve been listening to FDM since Myspace was popular in 2003, back when they were Fund*mental ’03. I’ve always listened to all their mixtapes and songs and was happy when they got sign to Ne-Yo’s Compound Entertainment; because they are a talented group of guys. I figured that if I go see them perform in […]

I’m Nervous For The Next Generation

Let me clarify that I’m looking from an American living in the U.S.A. viewpoint because some of the problems may not be universal.   I see the 2nd generation above us which is our grandparents, work hard for what they wanted to achieve. They seemed to have at least some common sense and some sense […]

In London: Episode 1


Soooo…Who’s Getting Asked for Identification First???

If you don’t know about the Arizona Immigration Law SB1070, then you obviously don’t keep up with your government, if you’re in America that is. The fact that this got passed is ridiculous a.k.a. COONERY! America was built on the fact that no one is originally from here, other than the Native Americans. We are […]

I’m Not Paying College Tuition Just To Party…I Can Do That For Free

I remember my first semester in college and all the flyers that were being stuck in my door and wondering who has the time for all this. Throughout the year, they just kept coming and coming, but I would throw them away after I knew my roommate had saw them as well, just in case […]