KARAOKE!!!!—Why Don’t You Love Me (Beyonce)


KARAOKE!!!!—Red Eye (Amerie)


Real World 2010 Winter Holiday: Episode 3 (Christmas)


♫All Roads♫ By Amerie…One Of My Favorite Songs

When I least expect it The unexpected When I wasn’t looking When I had no hope When I stop believing When I lost my place It was there I found you And I found my way All roads lead to you No matter where I am I know that you are standing by my side […]

Real World 2010 Winter Holiday: Episode 2


Real World 2010 Winter Holiday: Episode 1


That’s The Guy’s Job

It seems like 2010 winter has become the break up season and of course with Twitter and Facebook, you can’t help but see how people express themselves afterwards. It seems like the ladies are experiencing what Rihanna did after the whole Chris Brown situation; wanting to become more risqué like they have something to prove. […]

Nervous About Getting Into Graduate School

I’ve been working in my GMAT prep book and the pages are flying by; I can almost see the back cover. I secretly don’t want the book to end. I know that when I finish the book, I have to start looking at times to schedule this test. I haven’t been doing as bad as […]

Rabbit Hole

I remember reading Rabbit Hole, the playwright by David Lindsay-Abaire, when I took theatre in college the beginning of my junior year. I remember reading it trying to figure out the race of these people because you couldn’t really tell. It really seemed like a story that could be relatable to anyone of any race. […]

Vampire Weekend :D

They are my favorite Alternative/Rock band. I don’t think they fit in a specific genre but that’s what ‘people’ classify them as. They have great lyrically metaphoric stories. The use of all the different types of instruments from different types of drums, guitars, pianos, violins; they just make it all work. The lead singer, Ezra […]

Surprise!…You’re Going To Take A Different Route

Have you ever had things happen and you’re like, “What the hell! How did that even come about?” I’m sure you have. That’s life; there is no set path even if you try to map out one for yourself. You better have a plan A, B, C if you want to feel like you have […]

I Look At Any Kind of Relationship as a Business

Can I not apply how I would run a business to my life? If someone asks me for a service, but my service doesn’t fit their needs or they can’t afford it, I would refer them to someone that could fit their needs. I told this guy that we weren’t going to work. He said […]

You Are Better Than That

“I can so bad all by myself” had become a cliché line but it is true. This post is especially one for woman that I know. Why do some women get a new man that was 10 times worse than their old one? Yes, there were some qualities that you didn’t like about him but […]

Scarred Women

Men take hurt different than women. Women tend to let it live on in their hearts and mind. It takes a good man/woman to heal the hurt that was caused by the last one, and if you can’t find one then you’re going to have to do it on your own. Some people tend to […]

Playing ‘Wifey’ With No Ring

It is acceptable for girlfriends to want to help take care of their boyfriends and vice versa, but there should be a line drawn. I tend to look at it like this; why would I want make my boyfriend my husband, when he performs all the husband duties as a boyfriend. That saves time (the […]

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