♫Things Have Been So Crazy And Hectic, I Should Have Gotten Back By Now, But You Know How Much I Wanted To Make It, It’s Probably Better Anyhow♫

This was my favorite song off of Drake’s ♫Thank Me Later♫ album. I could relate to this because sometimes I feel as if I’m leaving some of my favorite people behind because I trying to reach something great, so therefore I have my eyes set on one thing. But with that I tend to lose […]

Thinking Musically

I recently purchased Hitman: Forty Years Making Music, Topping Charts & Winning Grammys by David Foster. It was a good read. I didn’t even know who he was before I read the book but I did know the songs he produced/arranged/composed. I came to realize that everyone starts in the industry the same way, whether […]

“I Ain’t a Bitch but I Gotta Divorce Them”

I’m starting this post off with lyrics to the first verse of ♫Lost One♫ by Jay-Z because it’s exactly how I feel…I’ll explain later I heard motherfuckers saying they made Hov Made Hov say, “OK so, make another Hov” Niggaz wasn’t playing they day role So we parted ways like Ben and J-Lo I should’ve […]

♫Ooh, You’re Searching For Something I Know, Won’t Make You Happy♫

I’ve always been a Corinne Bailey Rae fan since her first video “Like A Star” appeared on VH1 Soul. I love this song and especially the video. This is exactly what I did everyday when I was studying abroad in London; from putting on the trench coat (crazy UK weather), to the walk in the […]

♫So What Do You Do When Somebody You’re So Devoted To, Suddenly Just Stops Loving You, And It Seems They Haven’t Got A Clue♫

Best Mariah Carey song of all time…end of story.   P.S. I love singing along to the ad-libs. 😉  

So You Fancy Huh?

My younger sister Camille is too fancy. We breed ‘model-status’ babies in this family! Lol. I love that she’s only 3 years old and she already has some sassiness in her. Those other kids better watch out now! Hehe 😀

♫She Was A Bad (Uh), The Type At The Club Niggaz Would Grab Her, Fantasized When I Had Her, In The Bathroom Sweatin’ With Her Ass Up♫

This is one of Common’s more mainstream songs produced by Kanye West of course. I just love the whole vibe of the song; it’s very smooth.  

♫When I Met You, I Didn’t Know What To Do, But I Noticed That I Didn’t Really Feel♫

I’ve always liked this song. It’s catchy and the vocals are laid back; nice tune.  

Decoding More Than Just “Decoded”

Jay-Z’s Decoded had been on my list to read for awhile. I finally sat down and read it. Half way through the second section of the book, something hit me. I felt that all he talked about was dealing drugs and being in the ghetto. It seemed as if he was always stuck in the […]

The Guy My Family Won’t Stop Talking About

I tend to not let the guy I’m ‘talking to’ to ‘dating’ meet my family because who knows how long he’s going to be around and I don’t want to get their hopes up high. Lol. The only guys I’ve let meet my family, including my grandparents, are Phineas, LeRon, Dustin, and Afonso. My mom’s […]

♫Time Don’t Go Back, It Go Forward, Can’t Run From The Pain, Go Towards It♫

This is the song by Jay-Z that I relate to the most. Every verse told a different story that can be related to my life at one point of time. Jay-Z is very lyrical and I’m pretty sure anyone that listens to music knows that.  

♫Used To Play Back Then, Now You All Grown-Up Like Rudy Huxtable♫

This is definitely a throwback! I remember when this was my song dedicated to my “puppy love” I had in the 8th grade when I was living in Cali. Lol. Those were the days. And this is still the jam ’til this day.  

♫Cause They Won’t Say They’re Sorry, They Won’t Know You’re There♫

This is my favorite track off Maria Mena’s “Another Phase” album. This song has great lyrics; I love it!  

♫Handle With Grace, That’s All I Ask♫

I can sit and listen to this song on repeat all day. ☺  

Turning Over A New Leaf

Winter break was full of changes for everyone, mentally and emotionally. Yes, I will include myself into the category as well. My father got his prayer answered. I could tell without him even having to tell me what his prayer was. He had prayed for the day that he saw all of his children together. […]

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