Music Is My Husband, Fiancé, and Boyfriend. I’ve Been Courting Him All of My Life

I am a Music Head; always has been and always will be. I’ve been listening to music all my life, but I fell in love with it in 1998 when I was 7 years old. I purchases Mya’s first CD for Christmas and instantly knew I wanted to be in the music industry in one […]

♫Henny & Remy♫ Cee Figures Feat. Chris Blaze

London’s Cee Figures and North Carolina’s Chris Blaze come together to deliver a hit, ♫Henny & Remy♫. Check it out and enjoy!  

The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Haley

One of the best…let me take that back; this is the best book I’ve ever read! I’m not going to review the book because I want you to read it without any prejudgement/pre-perception. I believe this is a must read for anyone of any gender or race. Alex Haley made sure Malcolm X’s autobiography was […]

Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, & Sore Losers At Warehouse Live In Houston

I decided to attend the Kendrick Lamar concert since he was coming to Houston. I learned about this MC from my friend Kelvin during the winter holidays. I’m always open to listening to new music so I gave it a listen. I was in awe the whole time both Kendrick Lamar mixtapes played (Kendrick Lamar […]

Happy Valentines Day! XOXO *Smooches*

I had written a whole post on how Valentine’s Day is just a consumer holiday but as of Valentine’s Day, I have decided to change my mind. Instead, I’m posting a video of the love song I’ve been listening to for the moment on repeat. I love this song and I hope you enjoy it […]

♫I’m Walking A Strange Line, Just Say That You’re All Mine♫

As soon as I heard this song on Asos, a clothing website, I instantly loved it. I love how the drums come in when the chorus comes.  

♫But It Was Not Your Fault But Mine, And It Was Your Heart On The Line, I Really Fucked It Up This Time, Didn’t I My Dear♫

Out of all honesty, this was my favorite song performed at the 53rd Grammy’s tonight. I’ve always liked this song since I first heard it on MtvU during Fall ’09. I like the lyrics and dude on the bango jams! Lol  

Flogging Molly At The House of Blues In Houston

As a part of my internship, I have to market artists’ tour dates. Since I’m the Houston Rep, I market all the artist that come to Houston that use RED Distribution/’Stache Media (Sony) services. I had the pleasure to market and attend Flogging Molly’s show tonight. The crowd was crazy! You’ve got to love the […]

“The Second Was How Easily She Could Switch Kens”

I’ve always liked this song from the first time I heard it beginning of 2010. I guess you can say I liked it because I could relate to it; it mirrored 3/4 of my relationships. The video is so dead on! Scene by scene can be replayed with a memory I’ve had with someone I’ve […]

♫(We Untouchable, Uncrushable) You Can Be My Piece, Click Clack, Click Clack, Tell ‘Em All Get Back, Cause We Shootin’, Shootin’ ‘Em Down♫

As soon as I heard this song I was jammin’ and dancing. I loved the songwriting style on this track. Seeing that Miguel was a songwriter before he became a singer, you can definitely see how that helped to his advantage in this song. Hot track!  

An Ex Is an Ex for a Reason…Remember That

This post was inspired by the people on my Facebook Newsfeed that post things that fall in line with the thinking that their ex is always suppose to be theirs. Alot of people tend to dwell on their exes; nothing wrong with that to a certain extent. When I talk about my exes it’s to […]

Mars Rover Competition

I decided to volunteer as a judge and I’m glad I did. I’ve always been the one to want to support and be a part of events involving kids. I love when I see kids doing positive things, so who am I to not want to encourage that. I remembered doing science competitions as a […]

Ordinary Love Shit (Part 2) By Joe Budden—The Story of My Love Life

…Well everything except the part when he’s talking about him having a kid. I have no baby’s father. The lyrics in bold are parts of the song that hit home the most…I was over here like “true that”! Scroll down for the audio…he killed it! I’ll stop lying to you once you start believing me […]

♫Shows That We Ain’t Gonna Stand Shit, Shows That We Are United, Shows That We Ain’t Gonna Take It♫

This is the song off Adele’s first album that always stood out to me. I love the composition and arrangement of the lyrics and music. Her voice is amazing! I love to see plus size women in the industry doing well because we all know the music industry seems to be stuck on looks. But […]

I Love This Video!!!

I’ve started my journey to learn the German language. I’ve been trying to immerse myself with German audio so my ears and brain can pick up the dialect easily along with my vocabulary lessons. I came across this video and I haven’t stopped watching it since. It is so hilarious to me.  

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