This Is a Man’s World So Make Room for Me

James Brown said that this is a man’s world. That may not be true in every aspect but in the music industry it surely is. When I started my internship with ‘Stache Media/RED Distribution (Sony) I remember looking around saying it’s a lot of men in this industry. It never occurred to me because my […]

Wale Performing ♫Mirrors♫ And ♫The MC♫ At Frontier Fiesta

Wale was the headliner of University of Houston’s Frontier Fiesta for 2011. He brought out Bun B to do his feature verse. Everyone knows that Bun B represents Houston to the fullest and the crowd was loving it.    

Apocalyptica At The House of Blues In Houston

As a part of my internship, I have to market artists’ tour dates. Since I’m the Houston Rep, I market all the artist that come to Houston that use RED Distribution/’Stache Media (Sony) services. I had the pleasure to market and attend Apocalyptica’s show tonight. The band was super talented! Those Finnish men can get […]

Real World: Spring Break 2011


♫We Learned How To Swim, Just Enough To Float, Further Than You Think, It’s Closer Than The Way Back Home♫

Since the first time I saw the video, this song has been one of my favorites. I just love the composition of the song.  

Charlotte Russe Is Now Blacklisted From My Shopping List

I’ve been shopping at Charlotte Russe since 2009 because I loved their summer styles, but as of today…I am letting them go. It all started when I ordered a dress from them during December 2010. I ordered a medium but it really felt like it was a large. I washed the dress 4 times in […]

The Age of the Texter

Our generation has become so distant that they talk by thumbs. The list of people that text messages me quadruply (yes I made that word up) outweighs the number of people that call me. I remember when it used to be the other way around, but that seemed to all stop around the 11th grade. […]