♫All I Need Is For My Man To Live Up To His Role, Always Want To Talk It Through, I’m OK, Always Have To Comfort You Every Day, But That’s What I Need You To Do, Are You Gay♫

I was talking to my younger sister last night about relationships and all of it sudden it clicked. We both felt that I have a common theme in all of my relationships, and of course we thought back to the lovely and talented Amy Winehouse. She is one of my favorite singers and here is a […]

♫I Hate To Turn Up Out Of The Blue Univited, But I Couldn’t Stay Away, I Couldn’t Fight It♫

I’ve always liked Adele but her second album, ♫21♫, reassured that even more. I had to post a live performance of her singing one of the most beautifully written, composed, and sang songs off the album. Enjoy!  

New Jersey and New York

The first stop that I made was still in New Jersey when I boarded the ferry to go see the Statue of Liberty. I didn’t want to see Ellis Island because I know none of my descendents came through there. I just wanted to take pictures in front of Lady Liberty and during the ferry […]

Maryland, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia

I went on an east coast trip a week after my birthday to celebrate with my older sister. When I arrived in Baltimore, I knew I was in the east for the simple fact restaurants serve things such as crab cakes…a popular east coast food. The airport was cool but the city itself was a […]