♫He Changes My Heart’s Tempo, Ain’t Never Met A Boy Who Could Love My Senses, Love To Be Next To You, Without You I’d Be Missing Apart Of My Heart, Leave Your Friends Behind And Let’s Get Closer Babe♫

This is my FAVORITE love song of all times. I love Libby’s voice. Enjoy!  

Sometimes I Have To Remember That I’m Such A Lady

Sometimes I find myself cursing and ‘swaggin’ like a dude. Yes, I was raised by my father so yes, I have some male tendencies but I pride myself on being a female. Sometimes the things that males do send me into a “yeah, I’m glad I f-ed you over big time” or a “yeah I’m […]

♫Just Let Me Get In My Zone, I’ll Be Making Love To Her Through You, So Let Me Keep My Eyes Closed, And I Won’t See A Damn Thing, I Can’t Feel A Damn Thing, But If I Touch You Right♫

The Weeknd’s new mixtape ♫Thursday♫ was released yesterday evening and the track ♫The Zone♫ caught my attention because of its production and lyrics. I was a little confused when Drake came in because I wasn’t expecting that, but overall it was a solid track.  

♫Well I Know I’m Not The Coolest, And This Might Sound Kind Of Foolish, Cause I Know I’m Not The Smoothest, Told Myself I Shouldn’t Do This♫

I can’t decide if this song or ♫Sunshine♫ is my favorite song by him. But I really like this song because it’s the typical nerd guy/popular girl type story and I loved the way he painted the picture with his lyrics. It reminded me of when I used to attend Highland High School in Palmdale, […]

Cartoon Characters That I Relate To

I would have to be Marie. She is just so fancy like me, strolling the streets of Paris ☺. Also, she is bossy like me. The funny thing is that her nickname is “Duchess”, and that was also a nickname given to me by one of my uncles. My boyfriend would be Hercules. It was a toss […]

♫I Get It Custom, You A Customer, You Ain’t Accustomed To Going Through Customs, You Ain’t Been Nowhere Huh♫

Video wasn’t the greatest but pay attention to the lyrics. Like my buddy Gaylon says…”Dope!”  

Continental African Music That I Love

These are a few videos from artist that I discoved while in Ghana and I have been jamming their songs ever since! Hopefully you all can expand your horizons lol. I love Wizkid’s new album ♫Superstar♫ so I must post 2 songs from him that I love to jam. ♫Tease Me/Bad Guys♫   ♫Wiz Party♫ […]

In Ghana Episode 3 + Layover In Amsterdam


In Ghana Episode 2


In Ghana Episode 1