♫Cause If Summer Is Here, I’m Still Waiting There, And Winter Is Here, And I’m Still Waiting There, Like I Said It’s Been Three Years Since I’m Knockin’ On Your Door, And I Still Can Knock Some More♫

I love Jay Sean’s rendition of this Bob Marley classic. I enjoy the vibe of this song with the acoustic guitar. The song makes me feel all “springy/summery” and I love songs that make me feel that way; such a serene feeling. This song seems to always inspire me to write love songs every time […]

Taking On Photography #TeamCanon

I’m taking on photography. It’s something I always wanted to try but never had enough money to invest in a photography camera, but now I do! ☺ My little brother is doing the same thing as well, but he has a Nikon. He bought tripods and everything, but I keep telling him that I’ll produce better […]

♫Hold Up For These Other Niggas Roll Up And Try And Get Cha, The Ones That Say They Riders But Never Do Ride Witcha, I’m Tryna Vibe Witcha So Won’t You Throw Me Your Phone Number, And Let Them Lames Get Cha Old Number♫

This is one of my favorite jams by J.Cole. No, it didn’t make the album ♫Cold World: The Sideline Story♫ (great album by the way), but it’s still legit. I guess I love it so much because it samples my favorite song by Janelle Monae ♫Neon Valley Street♫ (shown below).    

Done With The Pig

I’m done with pork! I went out of town recently and I noticed that I was eating a lot of pig products that was messing with my stomach. I’ve decided to stick with my beef and chicken, and some turkey. Ground turkey goes along in the same bin as pork. I was happy to find […]


I was randomly thinking about how long it takes me to heal after surgery. Every time, it took my body three days to heal and by the fourth day I was well. I’ve also noticed that when something I feel is bad occurs in my life, it has the same healing time as something physical. […]

♫I Threw Out All 3 Dozen Roses, And The Letters That You Wrote, Cause Even When You’re With Me, I Still Feel Like I’m Alone♫

My favorite song from Priscilla Renea. Enjoy!  

♫A Domesticated Girl Thats All You Ask Of Me, Darling It Is No Joke This Is Lycanthropy♫

I love to dance to this song. The remix is way better than the original version.  

My First Video Credit! ☺


♫Lately, I Can’t Seem To Get My Mind Off You Boy, Thinking, All The Slick Shit I’m Gon’ Say When You Call To Make You Want Me More, Cuz I Be Acting Like I’m Not, When I’m Really Feeling You♫

There is a video to this song, but I feel it’s takes away from the vibe that the song gives you without the visual. Press play and you’ll see. #Vibin’ ☺   P.S. Teedra Moses is one of my favorite singers. My favorite song in the world is ♫Complex Simplicity♫ by Ms. Teedra.