Who’s Going To Save Us?

Randomly, a thought popped in my head; what are the 90’s babies known as? I asked that question on Facebook and Twitter and the response I felt that explained it well was “The Lost Generation”. (Thanks Jorge for helping me out with that one.) The 60’s babies are known as “The Civil Rights Generation”. During […]

♫I’m Missing You, Can’t Wait To Get Home So I Can Hold You, Pain Is Love When It Comes To You, Faithful And True Is What I Stay To You, You My Homie When I Chill With You♫

This is one of my favorite songs. I only have six favorites and B2K made the list of course. I was a hard-core B2K fan; I swore up and down I was going to marry Lil’ Fizz lol! Anywho, this song was penned by the talented The Dream, and overall I just love the vibe […]

I Don’t Have Enough Emotions for A Man; I’m Content with Dying Alone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Every time a man gets close to me, I let him down. I am blunt. I am detached from my emotions. I don’t say I love you often. I am super realistic. I expect older people to have tough skin so I show less compassion to them. With every serious relationship I’ve had with a […]

♫Pappa Don’t Preach, Hov Don’t Bite, Hov Been Through It I Might Mo Yo Life, Cuz I’ma Show You Right, Proper Etiquette How To Hold Yo Knife, Keep It Competitive With Oprah’s Ice, Be Like Janet Take Control Of Yo Life♫

This is one of my favorite songs by Pharrell. It’s very rare that I date someone my age, so I really like the story it tells. Jay-Z’s verse is my favorite because if people think the guy is too old for me, they get worried and start asking me questions lol. Men naturally are slow […]

Gorgeous Females

They say a lot of gorgeous females have ugly friends in order to make themselves look better, or to help hide their insecurities. Most females are like that, but some have other reasons. I’m not going to get into that because that isn’t the purpose of this post. Gorgeous females are cool; I have no problem with them […]

♫Diamonds Used To Be Coal, Look Young Cause They Got Soul, That’s Why They’re Beautiful, And My Heart Used To Be Cold, ‘Til Your Hands Laid On My Soul, Baby That’s Why You’re Beautiful♫

This is my favorite Beyonce song, lyrically wise. I also love the arrangement of the song and how the baseline and drums come in…beautiful!