Mikael Colombu Is The Truth!

Mr. Colombu is probably the first music video director that really caught my eye in amazement. No, Colombu does not just do music videos, but his video for ♫The Knowing♫ by The Weeknd was very artistic, creative, and intriguing. Check it out!  

KARAOKE!!!! Lollipop- Alexandra Stans


My College Graduation


I Do This For Me…Not You

I work-out for my health. I dress the way I do to impress myself. I wear my hair the way I do to predict the natural image that I want. I walk the way I feel is most comfortable for me. All this is for me, not for anyone else. I bring the people I […]

I’d Gladly Help Win Back Real Love

I don’t date a lot of people, especially don’t get into relationships with a lot of people; but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in love. I’ve been in love once and I know it does exist. I’m talking about being IN love with someone, not just loving someone. Before someone mentions “well if she […]

Back At It…Karaoking With The Lil’ Sis :P


Embrace Yourself!

My younger sister had to model in charity event and I was picking out outfits for her. My mother came in and said that she needed a dress to cover up. My younger sister is 14 years old, 5’9”, slender build, and since she is so slender, her boobs tend to stand out more. She’s […]

A Visit Back To Southern Cal


♫If I Had A Choice I’d Be A Saint, But I Am A Sinner Who Is Over It Over It, Call It A Loss Or Call It Fate, It’s Still A Beautiful Beautiful Thing♫

This is my favorite song by Sick of Sarah. Their ♫2205♫ album is a great CD. Enjoy!