The Dream At The Palladium Ballroom In Dallas

The Dream is inspirational to me because I love to write songs. He is one of my favorite songwriters; I love his style, the way everything flows, the way he composes, etc. I never felt that he was one of the best of singers, but that wasn’t going to stop me from seeing him live. […]

Dom Kennedy At Trees In Dallas

The first time Dom Kennedy did his Texas tour I didn’t get to go; he was in Dallas while I was in Houston and in Houston while I was in Dallas. When he came back again I said I just have to go! Even though Dom has a lot of mixtapes, I love listening to […]

SBTRKT + Sampha & Ishi At The Palladium Ballroom In Dallas

I haven’t attended any concerts in a while so I figured it was time to change that, since I am such a big fan of music. I found out that SBTRKT was coming back to North America and I got tickets ASAP. This was the first concert I attended with both of my younger siblings […]

Who’s A Part of Your Entourage?

The company you keep, aka your entourage, is very important. People tend to think that the saying “birds of a feather flock together”. That necessarily isn’t always true; at times it could only be a perception. People, who want to feel important, hang with people who are important. People who have similar attitudes and thoughts […]