Favorite Childhood Spots: Kidsville & Paseo

  There are just some spots that a child has growing up where most of their favorite memories were made. My favorite childhood memories were made at Kidsville, a park in Duncanville (Dallas), TX, and at Paseo Colorado, a mall in Pasadena (Los Angeles), CA. I grew up in between two cities so I can’t […]

♫I Just Wanna Make Your Dreams Come True You Are, Everything A Girls Supposed To Be A Star, There Ain’t Nothing In This World I Need, As Much As I Need You Oh Baby, I’m Tryna Find Out How Low Can You Go, Free Your Mind Of Doubt And Let Love Rule Your Soul, Take The Time Out So We Can Lose Control♫

This is one of my favorite, if not my favorite Lloyd song. Just vibe with it…  

Childish Gambino & Danny Brown At The Palladium Ballroom In Dallas

The concert was in one phrase: Fucking Bananas…and no don’t ‘excuse my French’. ☻ It started off with my brother and I arriving late, after I told him that Childish Gambino’s fan-base is ridiculous and so underrated, so we need not be late. We get to the venue and the line was wrapped around the […]