In Toronto


♫How Are You My Savior If You’re Stronger When I’m Gasping, I Gave My Heart Baby You Tossed It In The Flames Yea, You Hid Behind A Fucking Mask Like You Bruce Wayne Uh, I Waited For My Superman He Never Came, Gotta Rescue My Love Before It’s Too Late, Save Me From You♫

This is my favorite song that Ms. Dawn Richard has released. When I first heard it I was like, “Where was this song when I needed it back in some of my younger relationship days?” Lol. But no, I like how the song is composed and Dawn’s voice fits the song perfectly. And of course […]

♫Go Slow, So That I Can Hear Everything You’re Saying, Now I Know, You’re Going You Just Through This Away, You Know I Ain’t Gonna Take It, Go Slow, Look We Ain’t Gonna Make It, I Know, I Can Make You Stay, But I’ll Be Hurting From The Heat-heat-heat-heat-heat-heat-heat, Heat-heat-heat-heat-heat-heat♫

Haim is my favorite music group for the moment. Their sound is pure awesomeness. These 3 sisters need to go ahead and drop their album because their ♫Forever EP♫ will only hold me over for so long. Check them out!