♫I Wish I Was You, A Piece Of Gold At The Bottom Of The Blue, Too Heavy To Swim, But Too Beautiful To Lose, Hold In My Breath, And Diving Down To Give You Air, I Never Knew The Colors That Surround You, Holding On Forever To Keep You, To Keep From Slipping Too Deep, If You Want To Escape You Don’t Need To, Just Look For Me♫

♪Taking In Water♪, ♪Night Light♪ and ♪110%♪ are my favs off of Jessie Ware’s ♫Devotion♫ album. I’ve liked her voice ever since her features with SBTRKT. She brings this old school Sade feel back into current-day music. When I say I love UK Soul/R&B music…I love UK Soul/R&B music! And she is just another reason […]

♫Cause I Tried And Tried, And I Cried And Cried, Up Late At Night And I Hurt, And I Tried To Fight And I Cried To God, Oh Please Let It Just Work, And I’m Going Crazy With You, You Got Me So Confused, Cause You Walked Away, And I Walked Away, And We Should’ve Stayed Baby♫

Love, love, love this new Ciara; this is that R&B I used to listen to in the early 2000’s. This is that type of R&B that made you wish you could relate, have a similar story. Just a sorry from a guy is not going to get it for me but Ciara makes it sounds […]

Getting In Too Deep

I just wish people were smart enough to know when to get out of a relationship that isn’t good for them before it gets too deep. Many times people try to “work it out” when it’s nothing that needs to be worked out. Sometimes things happen and the aftermath should be to let the relationship […]