I Already Know (How This Plays Out) – Fill Me In Instrumental

I decided to get back to doing songwriting remixes. The last time I did one was in 2009 and that was just too long ago for me. Every 5th Sunday I will be releasing a new one (with all lyrics and melodies copyrighted of course ;)). I don’t believe in mixtapes, especially not for songwriters, […]

♫If I Could See What Life Was Like, Without You Here By My Side, I Know That Shit Would Hurt, Could I Move On, Swallow My Pride, And Disappear Far From Here, I Don’t Think That I, Every Day Expires, Why We Gotta Try It, Stop This Love From Dying, We Ain’t Gotta Lie Yeah, Say It’s Alright, So I Guess We Gotta Try It♫

I was never a real big fan of JLS until the ♫Evolution♫ album came out. That album has nothing but hit after hit after hit. My top 3 favorite songs are ♪Gotta Try It♪, ♪I Like It♪ and ♪All The Way♪. I haven’t jammed a “boy band” so hard since B2K and FDM (Fund*mental ’03). […]

Christmas Gifts

Christmas means a lot of things to many different people. Most people I know see Christmas as the birth of baby Jesus. I’m not going to go into the religion thing because many believe that Jesus was not really born on December 25th, and I haven’t got to the New Testament in my Bible readings…so […]