♫Oh My God, Can’t Believe What I Saw As I Turned On The TV, This Evening, I Was Disgusted, By All The Injustice, All The Injustice♫

This has always been a song that I enjoyed; especially Janet’s breakdown. Today, I came to a realization. I just don’t understand why I used to admire Beyonce as an entertainer so much while I was growing up. Janet Jackson is the best female entertainer there is, in my opinion, and no one has been […]

Music and Songwriting: Switching Genres and the Girl Group

In 2001, a couple months before my 10th birthday, I moved to the San Fernando Valley. In Texas the only music I listened to was mostly R&B and some rap. I never in my life would turn the dial to a KIIS type station, but that all changed when I arrived in Southern California. Aerosmith […]

Music and Songwriting: A Little Thing Called Music

I can consciously remember listening to music since I was 2, which would date the time back to 1993.   Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You Digable Planets – Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat) TLC  – What About Your Friends Janet Jackson – That’s The Way Love Goes 95 South – Whoot, […]

♫So What Do You Expect From Me, To Hold Your Head Above The Sea, And Carry You Even Though You’re Bigger, Cos Don’t You Know You Crush My Tiny Figure, And Anyway We’re Still So Young, And This Isn’t Yesterday, I Can’t Help You If You Won’t Help Yourself♫

Amy Winehouse will be and forever is one of my favorite lyrists. ♪Help Yourself♪ is one of my favorites (out of so many favorites lol) off the ♫Frank♫ album. This song is full of so many truths…