Music and Songwriting: Songwriting vs. Singing vs. Performing

7th grade I ended up moving back to Dallas, TX. Of course I joined the choir. My love for Amerie’s ♫All I Have♫ grew more and more every day to the point that I was looking at the credits like, “Who is responsible for this beautifully crafted music?” That CD made me start paying attention […]

♫What Did I Do, To Make You So Cruel, I’ve Got This Ache Inside My Heart, I Know That It’s You, What Should I Do Now That, I Know That We’re Doomed, I Loved You Most, And Now You’re A Ghost, I Walk Right Through♫

Lyrics, delivery, that guitar…enough said…  

KARAOKE!!!! Everything-Mary J. Blige


Denim Clip-On Ties

I’ve been trying to sit down and sew for about 6 months, and the day finally came. I love skinny ties so I figured ties would be the easiest project to start first. I had already said that my baby nephew and godson would get the first products so I made little ties. I started […]

♫And I Know That You Be Out Here On Your Own, Girl I See You, I See You, I See You, And I Know You Keep It Real When They Don’t, Girl I Feel You, I Feel You, I Feel You Yeah, Girl It’s Nice To See The Way That You Be Working Hard, Don’t Nobody Really Notice You Be On Your Job, Overtime, Overtime, Overtime, Yeah♫

I fell in musical love with the B-Section (Pre-Hook). The verses are solid. Mishon’s voice on this whole track is flawless R&B-ness. Yes I made that word up. This is the best song Mishon has to date. ♪Overtime♪ is such a smooth track.  

♫Couple Niggas Be Hatin’ Still But We Just Stay On Our Grind, What? Nigga, You Broke? That’s Cool, Pay Me No Mind, Couple Brothers I Stand By, And They Got A Place In My Heart, Couple Brothers I’d Die For, And They All Know Who They Are♫

This is my favorite track off Chip’s, formally Chipmunk, ♫London Boy♫ mixtape. London rap is making its way up there. It’s only like a handful of them though lol. But check it out…