For Better Or For Worse – Happily Ever After Instrumental

Happy Easter! But it is also the 5th Sunday of the month, so another songwriting remix. Case has good R&B music, so I decided to do a more R&B styled song.  

Maxi Skirt

Skirts…what can I say? They are some challenging things. The first skirt I made was originally made for my older curvy sister. I kept trimming more and more away because it just looked too big. I shouldn’t have done that, because I ended up giving it to my no curves having younger sister (which is […]

The 1975 ^_^

I haven’t been excited about a band in a minute. My favorite band is Vampire Weekend, but the competition is gaining. The band “The 1975” has produced 3 EP’s, and every single one has had me in awe. ♫Facedown♫, ♫Sex♫ and ♫Music For Cars♫ are totally jamming. I’m convinced that all the great music now-a-days […]

♫Life Ain’t Meant To Come Around Twice, Yeah, That’s Why I Gotta Get It Right, They Said I Got It Honest Now I Gotta Give It Light, But Sleep On It, That’s Why God Give You Night♫

Lupe Fiasco’s whole ♫Food & Liquor♫ album is a classic. This is not the sell-out ♫Lasers♫ album. With the ♫Food & Liquor♫ album he spoke about the realness. ♪Real♪ is one of my favorites; lyrical and truthful is what describes it. Listen…