One Thing That I Hate – Electric Relaxation Instrumental

Another 5th Sunday has rolled around! A Tribe Called Quest has some nice instrumentals, so on one of them; I just wanted to chill out and address two things that I hate most 😉  

Wrap Skirt

My mom had this ugly apron type looking dress thing that someone gave her. I won’t mention any names, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t like it and wanted to get rid of it lol. I told my mom that she doesn’t need it so I’ll change it into something else. I randomly wrapped one […]

Old Age Hip-Hop vs. New Age Hip-Hop

I had the book “The Big Payback” on my wish-list on Amazon for about 2 years. I would always look past it and just buy things I quickly saw, liked and purchased…or I just always bought the other things that were on my wish-list. I finally decided to stop being so cheap, and purchase “The […]