Never Leave You Lonely – Attractive Idea Instrumental

I wrote this for all the good guys who always end up with the wrong girl. Every young lady isn’t the same, so there is no need for a young man to become a whore…just make better decisions when choosing a partner. I’m not saying that that young lady is I…I’m just saying lol.  

Music and Songwriting: Education Interferes with Music; and London, England

I started Fall 2009 as a sophomore. I no longer had time to record music. I barely had time to write music. I had start joining organizations on campus, was consumed with reuniting with this one guy that I had dated back in high school and still taking my usual 18 hrs. Spring 2010 I […]

Music and Songwriting: Songwriting vs. Recording and Finding Producers

It was now January 2009 and I was in college in Houston, TX. I was still writing and had recently got some recording equipment. I told myself that I was going to do a Mixpaper. A Mixpaper was a mixtape for a songwriter. I started downloading all these instrumentals and writing to all these songs. […]