You Make Me – He Can Only Hold Her Instrumental

I loveeeee Amy Winehouse, so of course I had to write to one of her instrumental’s. To me, this instrumental gives off a happy feel…so I wrote a happy song 😀  

♫If We Had Your Eyes, We’d See Things Right, If We Could Just See From Your Point Of View, Then Most Things Won’t Be As They Seem, If We Had Your Eyes♫

Let me just say that I like Michelle William’s ♪If We Had Your Eyes♪ Original Version, which is posted here, better than the Remix Version with Fantasia (she just starts screaming too much for me lol). This is another one of those songs that I wish I had written. Her vocals, the message and the […]

Prevalent Ignorance: Your Health


Coup d’Etat Is Out NOW!

Today is the day! ♫Coup d’Etat♫ is out now! It’s comprised of 11 R&B tracks for you to enjoy. Available at: Amazon – Digital & Physical iTunes – Digital Target – Physical Google Play – Digital F.Y.E. – Physical CD Baby – Digital & Physical Coup d’Etat Digital Album Booklet

R&B Is Dying

R&B is dying, and it seems like no one cares or they just aren’t speaking up enough. I WHOLE HEARTINGLY LOVE R&B TO MY CORE! So why would I want it to go away? The only time you can hear a good selection of R&B on the radio is when you turn it to an […]