Is Havana Ready For Americans?

Havana, well Cuba in general, has been closed off to Americans for a while…decades. Year after year countries in Europe, South America, etc. have been able to enjoy Havana as a vacation destination. Tension with Fidel and the U.S. government resulted in Americans not being able to come over, per United States law. As an […]

Would Only Wish The Best For You – Viva la Vida Instrumental

Maybe that was our mistake Tryna tell the future ways Of how we wanted things to be Tryna play God when we’re just human beings We had this whole thing planned I play mom, you play dad “Honey I am home.” “What took you so long?” But those things Won’t be happening  

Stop Explaining Yourself

Stop explaining to others about why you’re not married or don’t have any kids! I’m writing this as a 25 year old who is single and childless. Everyone doesn’t have the same goals in life, isn’t on the same time frame as the masses, or simply is 100% content. The older I get I see […]

C.Nichole – “Like That, Like That”

This was the last track I wrote for ♫Coup d’Etat♫. I wrote it a month before I went into the studio in February 2014, I was still 22 years of age. This was based off how I would want my relationship to be; how I think a good relationship should be. Fun Fact: I shot […]


I was writing a PR draft and listening to music. For some reason I wanted to listen to J. Holiday. “Suffocate” came on and I started singing my little heart out. The lyrics go something like this:   I can’t breathe when you talk to me I can’t breathe when you’re touchin’ me I suffocate […]