C.Nichole – “Why”

♪Why♪ is my Third Single from my debut solo R&B album ♫Coup d’Etat♫. ♪Why♪ is a song I wrote at 21. The song was meant for a guy artist that I was writing for at the time. He didn’t want to sign the contract so I changed some words and made it for a female…Me! This song is about your partner breaking up with you and you’re like, “noooooooooo…I need you to still be here. Where do you think you’re going? I’m looking for you? We need to still be together.” It’s the opposite of who I am, but I have dealt with guys like this, so it was easy to write. This video was filmed in a house in Dallas. I’m very thankful to Glen Gilzene for making my vision come to life via the dress. Also, a huge thanks to Nate Bernard and Ms. Phoebe. I went to change clothes, came back out and saw the whole set up and was like yesssssss!!! Lol. The video is definitely darker than the others. The song even sounds darker to me because of it being in a minor key. I wanted to show how different I can be with every music video that I put out with this album, and this video allowed me to do that again. I hope you all enjoy it…share it…tell a friend to tell a friend 😉



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