The Laughter Within Stupidity

People get dumber and dumber every day. The stupidity of people amazes me…amuses me. It is my entertainment that enthralls me with laughter. When you can look at all sides of the picture and even take into considerations historically past, currently present, and future events, you know you are smart and even intellectually beyond others. […]

I Do This For Me…Not You

I work-out for my health. I dress the way I do to impress myself. I wear my hair the way I do to predict the natural image that I want. I walk the way I feel is most comfortable for me. All this is for me, not for anyone else. I bring the people I […]

I’d Gladly Help Win Back Real Love

I don’t date a lot of people, especially don’t get into relationships with a lot of people; but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in love. I’ve been in love once and I know it does exist. I’m talking about being IN love with someone, not just loving someone. Before someone mentions “well if she […]


What is inspiration? What is it to be inspired? Honestly, I don’t know. I know the dictionary definition of these terms but have never experienced them in real life. Another year is about to close so another year of reflection has to happen. I can say that none of my friends or relationship partners has […]

I Don’t Have Enough Emotions for A Man; I’m Content with Dying Alone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Every time a man gets close to me, I let him down. I am blunt. I am detached from my emotions. I don’t say I love you often. I am super realistic. I expect older people to have tough skin so I show less compassion to them. With every serious relationship I’ve had with a […]

Done With The Pig

I’m done with pork! I went out of town recently and I noticed that I was eating a lot of pig products that was messing with my stomach. I’ve decided to stick with my beef and chicken, and some turkey. Ground turkey goes along in the same bin as pork. I was happy to find […]

Charlotte Russe Is Now Blacklisted From My Shopping List

I’ve been shopping at Charlotte Russe since 2009 because I loved their summer styles, but as of today…I am letting them go. It all started when I ordered a dress from them during December 2010. I ordered a medium but it really felt like it was a large. I washed the dress 4 times in […]

“I Ain’t a Bitch but I Gotta Divorce Them”

I’m starting this post off with lyrics to the first verse of ♫Lost One♫ by Jay-Z because it’s exactly how I feel…I’ll explain later I heard motherfuckers saying they made Hov Made Hov say, “OK so, make another Hov” Niggaz wasn’t playing they day role So we parted ways like Ben and J-Lo I should’ve […]

Turning Over A New Leaf

Winter break was full of changes for everyone, mentally and emotionally. Yes, I will include myself into the category as well. My father got his prayer answered. I could tell without him even having to tell me what his prayer was. He had prayed for the day that he saw all of his children together. […]

Letting Go Of the Artificial

2010 was a great year, but also a year of learning. But 2011 is going to be the result of all the things that I have learned. This year I will be graduating and I need to get myself in order for the rest of the days I’ll be spending in this life. The first […]

Surprise!…You’re Going To Take A Different Route

Have you ever had things happen and you’re like, “What the hell! How did that even come about?” I’m sure you have. That’s life; there is no set path even if you try to map out one for yourself. You better have a plan A, B, C if you want to feel like you have […]

Comprehending My Boredom

I took a trip to Dallas for Thanksgiving break and I didn’t really want to be here like I thought I would have. All my friends came home to Dallas from college and I had the feeling like ‘Yeah, whatever.’ I went through the whole day feeling bored, randomly texting people to see if I […]

I Can/Could Learn Some Things from My Professor

I needed a recommendation letter in order to study aboard in Ghana for summer 2011. I decided to go to my International Business of Globalization Economics professor because I aced the midterm and she seemed cool. I already knew she had studied in London and worked on Wall Street in New York for some years. […]

I’m Not and Never Will Be Strong Enough to Be a Mother Without a Father

I decided that I would watch one of my best friend’s, Raven, baby. She has a 3 month old baby girl named Khloe. She is a very delightful baby, which means she only cries when she needs something and she loves to laugh. But she is a handful just like every other baby in the […]

Those 2 Calls That Happened In Those 2 Minutes

……….”I’m not ready for this yet,” is all I could think. I’ll take ‘English Customs’ for 500 Alex. Let’s take is back to where it all began. Yesterday night I acquired $10 worth of international minutes through Skype, seeing that I plan to study abroad in London this summer so I needed to make a […]