The Prelude: Texas @ SXSW

Join me during SXSW at The Prelude: Texas @ SXSW. Come Support Texas Music and see up-and-coming Urban talent do their thing…including me!  

RnB And Things

If you look over to the right side of the page, you will see an embedded player for RnB And Things. RnB And Things is an R&B only internet radio station that I started. My station includes R&B, and artists that may not be 100% R&B, but you can tell they were influenced by the […]

Behind The Scenes Of The “Everything Is Not Meant” Video Shoot

I decided to do a Behind The Scenes video for the video shoot that I had for “Everything Is Not Meant” by Apollo’s Interlude. Crown Jones was a mess lol! He’s going to have to get some dance lessons to loosen himself up, and that face. You would think he had gotten Botox or something […]

Apollo’s Interlude’s “Any Which Way”

Hey! So I’ve low-key been making an album with Crown Jones under the pseudonym, Apollo’s Interlude. Well guess what? The album is out today on iTunes, Amazon, etc. I decided to go ahead and put the time and money into making an album with my producer. Crown Jones is a rapper/producer and of course I’m a […]

The Accident

I decided to write this post because people keep asking me about how I am doing and how the incident I am about to describe happened. I’m surprised I am able to still write on, let alone power up this computer. Shoutouts to Toshiba and the way my dad packed our luggage in the trunk. […]

R.I.P. Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston was a part of the last of a dying musical breed. Her voice was one that was recognizable and unmatched.  I may be a young one but I do know who Ms. Houston is. I remember going through my dad’s crates full of records during my earlier years of elementary and coming across […]

My College Graduation


R.I.P. Amy Jade Winehouse #Club27

I have to pay my respects to Ms. Amy Winehouse. She was one of my top 3 favorite singers and anyone that knows me can tell you how much I love to listen to her. I’ve did YouTube videos karaoking her songs because I always find myself singing them. It’s unfortunate that she had to […]

The Maverick’s Parade Adventure


New Year, New Look


This Is It!…Focused

I acquired the internship of my dreams…music marketing at a record label. I start Monday and I’m too excited. I feel that this is the first step in order for me to reach my life-long career goal; President of Marketing at a major record label. This is my audition and I’m going to show out! […]

A Little Bit Of My Thanksgiving Break


Fall 2010 UH Phi Beta Sigma Probate


Bauer Women Society

I joined a new organization this semester called Bauer Women Society. The business college is called C.T. Bauer Business College so it’s to help advance and bring together business women. So far the organization has been going good. They go to the Women’s Conference every year at Harvard; I plan on attending next year since […]

2 Weeks Full of Everything


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