The 1975 ^_^

I haven’t been excited about a band in a minute. My favorite band is Vampire Weekend, but the competition is gaining. The band “The 1975” has produced 3 EP’s, and every single one has had me in awe. ♫Facedown♫, ♫Sex♫ and ♫Music For Cars♫ are totally jamming. I’m convinced that all the great music now-a-days […]

Vampire Weekend :D

They are my favorite Alternative/Rock band. I don’t think they fit in a specific genre but that’s what ‘people’ classify them as. They have great lyrically metaphoric stories. The use of all the different types of instruments from different types of drums, guitars, pianos, violins; they just make it all work. The lead singer, Ezra […]


17 Bars is a new emerging group out of Cedar Hill, TX. Drew Gilbert, Michael Morrison, Ahmed Arasah, and Bryan Laurel are the four talented 18 and under youngsters that come with mature talent to grace the Dallas, TX scene. They have their own style…not just your regular New Boyz or B5 type group; way […]

The Most Slept On CD 4 An R&B Lover

This was one of the hottest CD’s.To bad her marketing team sucked (an that’s why I want to work for a record company,being a marketer because of wonderful albums like these).I couldn’t name the best song if I wanted to. 1.Say I feat Young Jeezy (Great to jam but should NEVER have been made into […]