R&B Is Dying

R&B is dying, and it seems like no one cares or they just aren’t speaking up enough. I WHOLE HEARTINGLY LOVE R&B TO MY CORE! So why would I want it to go away? The only time you can hear a good selection of R&B on the radio is when you turn it to an […]

Favorite Childhood Spots: Kidsville & Paseo

  There are just some spots that a child has growing up where most of their favorite memories were made. My favorite childhood memories were made at Kidsville, a park in Duncanville (Dallas), TX, and at Paseo Colorado, a mall in Pasadena (Los Angeles), CA. I grew up in between two cities so I can’t […]

Hilarious Audio From An Adult Children’s Book

I came across the book, Go the F**k to Sleep. I’m not going to spend this post debating if I’m for it or against. But I found a hilarious audio of the book. If you do decide to watch this video, please keep in mind that these are the real words from the book. Samuel L. Jackson is […]

Amy Winehouse Tribute

Ms. Amy Winehouse was one of my favorite singers. Her music is so soulful, true, and timeless. I had the opportunity to do my final project in Photojournalism class on her and I enjoyed every minute of it. Such a beautiful person that we lost.  

Cartoon Characters That I Relate To

I would have to be Marie. She is just so fancy like me, strolling the streets of Paris ☺. Also, she is bossy like me. The funny thing is that her nickname is “Duchess”, and that was also a nickname given to me by one of my uncles. My boyfriend would be Hercules. It was a toss […]

I Love This Video!!!

I’ve started my journey to learn the German language. I’ve been trying to immerse myself with German audio so my ears and brain can pick up the dialect easily along with my vocabulary lessons. I came across this video and I haven’t stopped watching it since. It is so hilarious to me.  

♫All Roads♫ By Amerie…One Of My Favorite Songs

When I least expect it The unexpected When I wasn’t looking When I had no hope When I stop believing When I lost my place It was there I found you And I found my way All roads lead to you No matter where I am I know that you are standing by my side […]

Why Are All My Memories Surrounded By Food?

I was talking to my older sister today about when children start remembering things. I purposed it’s around 3 years old because I can vividly remember things, moments, and memories from that age. I started off by telling her of the times I had in gymnastics class when I was 3 and then we would […]

Why I Love Disney’s Pocahontas

On Facebook we did a thing where we make cartoon characters our profile picture because of the fight against child abuse. Of course I chose my girl Pocahontas! When I was 5 years old I went as her for Halloween, had all the toys, room decorations, bed sheets, and everything! Lol. I began to wonder […]