Jeffery(The Nerd),Andre(The Jester),Me(The Security Guard;even though people thought i was an officer.smh),Zacquet(The Jail Inmate),Ashley(The School Girl)-Upstairs at The Omega Mansion  Downstairs Getting Our Dance On At The Mansion With My Girl Ashley  At The Homeboys’ House.Dre and Zacquet Foolin’!-Guess I’m Suppose To Return Them To Jail.Hahaha   I attended the University of Houston vs. Southern […]

 My Sis,Me,Raquel Raquel at Joyce (restroom pic.lol) I had to get it in one time before I left for school.I was leaving for school at 4am Friday so I had to club it out on Thursday night.Michel from Party Chaser started it all with a text earlier that morning asking if I was coming to […]

Fake A$$ Ballers;But Kind of Clever…Still Lame & Full of Fakeness

I’ve just came across some new information about “Ballers” or should I saw “Fake Ballers”.These things happen on a daily basis but especially in major cities.What these people do is go to the club an order MAJOR drinks (not naming any names here).They have a good time during enjoying their “night-life” activites with their friends.The […]

My Time At Dorrough’s Album Release Party At CIRQUE Was Horrible.And I’ll Explain…

Raquel Raquel,Me,My Sis Me and Alexia (aka Ms.Lexi The Singer) Packed As Usual As I’ve Heard From Cirque Regulars (This Is The Downstairs) Finally People Stop Moving To Watch The Performance (Air Started Circulating Again Upstairs.Lol) [it looks like Coco the only female in the pic.lol]   SO IT STARTS…I went with my sis and […]

The Prophet Bar,To The 8Lounge,To The Mosaic (all on a wed. night…glad i dont have a 9 to 5.lol)

Jason,L,Me,My Sis at The Prophet Bar DBF Gang Performing At The 8Lounge DJ Asap and L At The Mosaic Ok so I didn’t get home until 5am.Me and my sis went to The Prophet Bar to see L perform with his crew,DBF Gang (www.myspace.com/dbfgang) They tore it down with the live band.Wanted to stay longer […]

Dessie Pool Party (LD Unlimited) and the Rest of the Night

Me and My Sis (don’t my boobies look big.hahaha.too bad they’re not.lol) Me Crunk For No Reason and Raquel Raquel Coo For No Reason  C.Nichole,Raquel Raquel,Raffinae,Mesha D,Ashley DJ Asap and Raquel Raquel Crazy.lmao  Leaving R.P. Ent 🙂 Wasting Time On A “Nicca” (meaning ignorant ppl while Raquel Raquel trying to get a pic with me.lol.I’m […]

The After Party at the Bank (The Club)

 Me and Drunk A$$ Solo  Me and My Sis On The Stage  They’ve been doing that since the boat.lol  Mike Stay Foolin.Lol  L and Jason (WMS Photography)   We walked right in or course.Thanks to Mark.We get in and see everybody from the boat party.It was coo cause DJ Freestyle Steve was shouting out everybody […]

The Boat Party Hosted By Mike Huff of the Raiders

 My Sis Raffinae and I  Us and JB  Ashley Sade and Mike Huff  Solo and DJ Freestyle Steve  Jus One and DJ Asap So first off we didn’t have to pay thanks to Ms.Ashley Sade. We got on started talking to some people just waiting for the boat to leave the dock. We finally get […]

Ayeee…At The Club.Lol

(Raquel Raquel,Willie,Raffinae,Me,and Solo all in the background.)   Club AM/PM in Downtown Dallas was coo. Didn’t get there til around 1am and it closed at 2am. My sis friend DJ ASAP was dj-ing. Solo takes pics for Lastz Nite (lastznite.com) and he was like I remember you. Aren’t you 18, you ain’t suppose to be […]