Wrap Skirt

My mom had this ugly apron type looking dress thing that someone gave her. I won’t mention any names, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t like it and wanted to get rid of it lol. I told my mom that she doesn’t need it so I’ll change it into something else. I randomly wrapped one […]

Maxi Skirt

Skirts…what can I say? They are some challenging things. The first skirt I made was originally made for my older curvy sister. I kept trimming more and more away because it just looked too big. I shouldn’t have done that, because I ended up giving it to my no curves having younger sister (which is […]

Denim Clip-On Ties

I’ve been trying to sit down and sew for about 6 months, and the day finally came. I love skinny ties so I figured ties would be the easiest project to start first. I had already said that my baby nephew and godson would get the first products so I made little ties. I started […]