I Won’t Let You – One Mic Instrumental

I don’t know, how it got to this A disagreement, went to yelling Guess your ego got damaged And you started to panic You became frantic Situation became volcanic  

(I’m Hoping That) It’ll Get Old Soon – 1997 Instrumental

You…are so confident that it’s a shame You don’t even turn around when I call your name You…leave me for days at a time Then come back like everything’s just fine But I know that I don’t deserve this I’m letting my worth diminish  

Not Having It Today – Go Girl Instrumental

Don’t make me have to put you in your place let’s not do it today Don’t make me have to step in your space you won’t wanna hear what I gotta say Cause I got things on ya that they don’t know Friends turn to enemies keep them close See I’m tryna be civil about […]

I Got My Own (Chopped & Screwed)

I’m from Texas… Free Download: Bandcamp  

I’ll Run With You For Miles – Thinking of You Instrumental

I’m so elated Very glad I waited For him to find me Instead of running after thee Because He brought me the most amazing man I proudly do take your hand I will always be there Sunshine or tornado scare We are joined side by side I vow to the day I die To everything […]

C.Nichole – “In My Dreams (SLAG Remix)”


Would Only Wish The Best For You – Viva la Vida Instrumental

Maybe that was our mistake Tryna tell the future ways Of how we wanted things to be Tryna play God when we’re just human beings We had this whole thing planned I play mom, you play dad “Honey I am home.” “What took you so long?” But those things Won’t be happening  

C.Nichole – “Like That, Like That”

This was the last track I wrote for ♫Coup d’Etat♫. I wrote it a month before I went into the studio in February 2014, I was still 22 years of age. This was based off how I would want my relationship to be; how I think a good relationship should be. Fun Fact: I shot […]

F Was I Thinking (Can’t Be Saving Hoes) – Go On Girl Instrumental

See if I was a guy I wouldn’t be Superman trying to fly Clark Kent would be all you get Newspaper report, peep my suit and my glasses Having a good heart is not gone get it Saving these hoes is not the business I know you’d like that, if I did But I can’t […]

Overseas – Flying Into Tokyo Instrumental

The wind is now blowing The sun is not showing The skies have went gray It’s raindrops down my face Is this a metaphor For love’s closing door Cause you are so distant Don’t blame it on distance You can’t fault me I’ve tried everything To keep you near And I both know we have […]

C.Nichole – “(Just Keep) Your Hold On Me Remix”

♪(Just Keep) Your Hold On Me Remix♪ is my Fourth Single from my debut solo R&B album ♫Coup d’Etat♫. ♪(Just Keep) Your Hold On Me Remix♪ is a song I wrote a few weeks after turning 22. The original version of this song was on Apollo’s Interlude’s ♫Any Which Way♫ album. The Remix is more upbeat […]

Untitled (Freestyle) – Don’t F With Me Instrumental

Swear I fuckin’ thought that you knew me But the shit you tried shows me differently You should of known that I don’t play that Where’s the respect where’s the love at? But I guess you’re going through a phase You didn’t answer your phone early today Hashtag tweet but you didn’t see my calls […]

I, Know You – Lions, Tigers and Bears Instrumental

I know, you never had a real love White pigeons but they were not doves I know it’s hard for you to trust at times But I promise right hand I wouldn’t lie I know sometimes it gets hard Constantly retreating behind your guard Where do you see this battlefield? It’s only me and you […]

C.Nichole – “Why”

♪Why♪ is my Third Single from my debut solo R&B album ♫Coup d’Etat♫. ♪Why♪ is a song I wrote at 21. The song was meant for a guy artist that I was writing for at the time. He didn’t want to sign the contract so I changed some words and made it for a female…Me! […]

I Got Good Memory – Rock With U Instrumental

I got what you want I got what you need And I know how you like it When I get cocky Watch my every move Some may surprise you Only you know the different me Cuz it’s only for you to see I keep it going, just like that, like that Thank the yoga mini […]

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