Pre-Order “Texas Chick”

I’m backkkkkk! Aye, so stoked! It will be hard to cut through the noise and so much work to do as usual. But TODAY it feels good to say that “Texas Chick” is now available for Pre-Order via iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and Music Glue. I know you all are familiar with iTunes and Amazon, but Bandcamp and Music Glue lets the artist keep more money *cough cough*. Plus I’ll be selling much on those two platforms, along with other goodies. I hope you guys enjoy the snippets you get to hear thus far. I decided to go with a more upbeat sound, plus the songs are shorter (for those who attention spans are crap) 😀 *hugs, kisses* Lol. But yeah, tell a friend to tell a friend 😉

C.Nichole - Texas Chick


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