IBOC Opening of The New Church!

IBOC Can’t Help To Think That Jesus Is In The “Triple D!” Everytime I See That.Bahahah I Love My Lil Bro Me,Lil Bro,And The Moms I am a member of IBOC and was happy to know that we were having church in the new church across the street on Thanksgiving. They were trying to leave […]

The Airport Chronicles


My Hair Chronicles Part II



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 Jeffery(The Nerd),Andre(The Jester),Me(The Security Guard;even though people thought i was an officer.smh),Zacquet(The Jail Inmate),Ashley(The School Girl)-Upstairs at The Omega Mansion  Downstairs Getting Our Dance On At The Mansion With My Girl Ashley  At The Homeboys’ House.Dre and Zacquet Foolin’!-Guess I’m Suppose To Return Them To Jail.Hahaha   I attended the University of Houston vs. Southern […]