F Was I Thinking (Can’t Be Saving Hoes) – Go On Girl Instrumental

See if I was a guy I wouldn’t be Superman trying to fly Clark Kent would be all you get Newspaper report, peep my suit and my glasses Having a good heart is not gone get it Saving these hoes is not the business I know you’d like that, if I did But I can’t […]

Familiarity: The Time It Takes To Let Go

I haven’t written a relationship type blog in yearsssss, considering the fact that I haven’t liked anyone in years. Writing is the only thing that I’ve noticed that allows me to let it leave my mind completely. So here I go (it’s 6,808 words, so don’t read it if you have something to do or […]

Traveling With C.Nichole: Morocco


Traveling With C.Nichole: Portugal and Spain


C.Nichole Updates: July 2016