C.Nichole – “Every Day”

♪Every Day♪ is my leading track from my Acoustic R&B EP ♫Acoustically C.Nichole: Coup d’Etat♫. I wrote ♪Every Day♪ about a month before I turned 22. This was another song that was meant for a guy artist that I was writing for at the time. But hey, if you don’t want to sign the contract, I take it, change some lines, and make it my own; and that’s just what I did. I wanted this song to be something original, authentic…and that’s how I wanted the video to be as well. I didn’t go out and have my favorite DP shoot the video; I just wanted to be chillin’ around my house. On a regular day you can catch me in sweats, on my laptop, or taking a quick…and I mean a quick, walk to my backyard, or looking for something in the garage. I just wanted the attention to be more on the song. Plus I’m about to move, and I wanted a last little memory of this house. 😀 So check it out…vibe with it. Big thanks to Kelyn Crapp on the strings. And last but not least, don’t forget to get your Complimentary Download via Bandcamp.


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