Apollo’s Interlude – “Recline Cool”

Apollo’s Interlude’s third single is “Recline Cool”. All in all it’s a song about chillin’, relaxing; hints the name “Recline Cool”. Crown Jones speaks about reclining cool in his car, and I talk about reclining cool on a flight. Enjoy!  

Apollo’s Interlude – “Everything That I Do”

Apollo’s Interlude’s second single is “Everything That I Do”. It’s a song about who Crown Jones and I are, and we’re speaking on how everything that we do makes us who we are. We don’t apologize for being different, instead we embrace it and keep it moving.  

Behind The Scenes Of The “Everything Is Not Meant” Video Shoot

I decided to do a Behind The Scenes video for the video shoot that I had for “Everything Is Not Meant” by Apollo’s Interlude. Crown Jones was a mess lol! He’s going to have to get some dance lessons to loosen himself up, and that face. You would think he had gotten Botox or something […]

Apollo’s Interlude’s “Any Which Way”

Hey! So I’ve low-key been making an album with Crown Jones under the pseudonym, Apollo’s Interlude. Well guess what? The album is out today on iTunes, Amazon, etc. I decided to go ahead and put the time and money into making an album with my producer. Crown Jones is a rapper/producer and of course I’m a […]