Fashionista – Throw It In The Bag (Remix) Instrumental

I like to shop a lot, and one day I looked up and I was like “Man…I have a lot of clothes.” I also like going down to the fabric district and buying new fabrics to make things on my industrial sewing machine that I have. I also enjoy styling people and just making them […]

Never Leave You Lonely – Attractive Idea Instrumental

I wrote this for all the good guys who always end up with the wrong girl. Every young lady isn’t the same, so there is no need for a young man to become a whore…just make better decisions when choosing a partner. I’m not saying that that young lady is I…I’m just saying lol.  

We Can’t Even Be Friends – She Needs Me Instrumental

This is something I actually wrote and recorded in December of 2012. Just had to put that out there before some people think that it’s about them, when it has nothing to do with them. I’ve shared some similar situations with guys, but I know who this story is for lol. Don’t flatter yourself ;). […]

One Thing That I Hate – Electric Relaxation Instrumental

Another 5th Sunday has rolled around! A Tribe Called Quest has some nice instrumentals, so on one of them; I just wanted to chill out and address two things that I hate most 😉  

For Better Or For Worse – Happily Ever After Instrumental

Happy Easter! But it is also the 5th Sunday of the month, so another songwriting remix. Case has good R&B music, so I decided to do a more R&B styled song.  

I Already Know (How This Plays Out) – Fill Me In Instrumental

I decided to get back to doing songwriting remixes. The last time I did one was in 2009 and that was just too long ago for me. Every 5th Sunday I will be releasing a new one (with all lyrics and melodies copyrighted of course ;)). I don’t believe in mixtapes, especially not for songwriters, […]

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