♫If We Had Your Eyes, We’d See Things Right, If We Could Just See From Your Point Of View, Then Most Things Won’t Be As They Seem, If We Had Your Eyes♫

Let me just say that I like Michelle William’s ♪If We Had Your Eyes♪ Original Version, which is posted here, better than the Remix Version with Fantasia (she just starts screaming too much for me lol). This is another one of those songs that I wish I had written. Her vocals, the message and the […]

♫Life Ain’t Meant To Come Around Twice, Yeah, That’s Why I Gotta Get It Right, They Said I Got It Honest Now I Gotta Give It Light, But Sleep On It, That’s Why God Give You Night♫

Lupe Fiasco’s whole ♫Food & Liquor♫ album is a classic. This is not the sell-out ♫Lasers♫ album. With the ♫Food & Liquor♫ album he spoke about the realness. ♪Real♪ is one of my favorites; lyrical and truthful is what describes it. Listen…  

♫What Did I Do, To Make You So Cruel, I’ve Got This Ache Inside My Heart, I Know That It’s You, What Should I Do Now That, I Know That We’re Doomed, I Loved You Most, And Now You’re A Ghost, I Walk Right Through♫

Lyrics, delivery, that guitar…enough said…  

♫And I Know That You Be Out Here On Your Own, Girl I See You, I See You, I See You, And I Know You Keep It Real When They Don’t, Girl I Feel You, I Feel You, I Feel You Yeah, Girl It’s Nice To See The Way That You Be Working Hard, Don’t Nobody Really Notice You Be On Your Job, Overtime, Overtime, Overtime, Yeah♫

I fell in musical love with the B-Section (Pre-Hook). The verses are solid. Mishon’s voice on this whole track is flawless R&B-ness. Yes I made that word up. This is the best song Mishon has to date. ♪Overtime♪ is such a smooth track.  

♫Couple Niggas Be Hatin’ Still But We Just Stay On Our Grind, What? Nigga, You Broke? That’s Cool, Pay Me No Mind, Couple Brothers I Stand By, And They Got A Place In My Heart, Couple Brothers I’d Die For, And They All Know Who They Are♫

This is my favorite track off Chip’s, formally Chipmunk, ♫London Boy♫ mixtape. London rap is making its way up there. It’s only like a handful of them though lol. But check it out…  

♫Oh My God, Can’t Believe What I Saw As I Turned On The TV, This Evening, I Was Disgusted, By All The Injustice, All The Injustice♫

This has always been a song that I enjoyed; especially Janet’s breakdown. Today, I came to a realization. I just don’t understand why I used to admire Beyonce as an entertainer so much while I was growing up. Janet Jackson is the best female entertainer there is, in my opinion, and no one has been […]

♫So What Do You Expect From Me, To Hold Your Head Above The Sea, And Carry You Even Though You’re Bigger, Cos Don’t You Know You Crush My Tiny Figure, And Anyway We’re Still So Young, And This Isn’t Yesterday, I Can’t Help You If You Won’t Help Yourself♫

Amy Winehouse will be and forever is one of my favorite lyrists. ♪Help Yourself♪ is one of my favorites (out of so many favorites lol) off the ♫Frank♫ album. This song is full of so many truths…  

♫If I Could See What Life Was Like, Without You Here By My Side, I Know That Shit Would Hurt, Could I Move On, Swallow My Pride, And Disappear Far From Here, I Don’t Think That I, Every Day Expires, Why We Gotta Try It, Stop This Love From Dying, We Ain’t Gotta Lie Yeah, Say It’s Alright, So I Guess We Gotta Try It♫

I was never a real big fan of JLS until the ♫Evolution♫ album came out. That album has nothing but hit after hit after hit. My top 3 favorite songs are ♪Gotta Try It♪, ♪I Like It♪ and ♪All The Way♪. I haven’t jammed a “boy band” so hard since B2K and FDM (Fund*mental ’03). […]

♫You’re The Desert Sand, I’ll Be Your Water, And You’re The Perfect Plan I Never Thought Of, I Don’t Wanna Do This On My Own, And You Shouldn’t Have To Be Alone, I Would Rather Be Alone Together♫

Of course with Daley and Marsha, this song was going to be a hit. Once again…I love my UK Soul/R&B! This is a song I wished I vocal produced; like let’s rewind time and let me had thought of this. Lol. The lyrics are okay, quite simple…but the melodies, harmonies, background vocals, ad-libs, different vocal […]

♫I Wish I Was You, A Piece Of Gold At The Bottom Of The Blue, Too Heavy To Swim, But Too Beautiful To Lose, Hold In My Breath, And Diving Down To Give You Air, I Never Knew The Colors That Surround You, Holding On Forever To Keep You, To Keep From Slipping Too Deep, If You Want To Escape You Don’t Need To, Just Look For Me♫

♪Taking In Water♪, ♪Night Light♪ and ♪110%♪ are my favs off of Jessie Ware’s ♫Devotion♫ album. I’ve liked her voice ever since her features with SBTRKT. She brings this old school Sade feel back into current-day music. When I say I love UK Soul/R&B music…I love UK Soul/R&B music! And she is just another reason […]

♫Cause I Tried And Tried, And I Cried And Cried, Up Late At Night And I Hurt, And I Tried To Fight And I Cried To God, Oh Please Let It Just Work, And I’m Going Crazy With You, You Got Me So Confused, Cause You Walked Away, And I Walked Away, And We Should’ve Stayed Baby♫

Love, love, love this new Ciara; this is that R&B I used to listen to in the early 2000’s. This is that type of R&B that made you wish you could relate, have a similar story. Just a sorry from a guy is not going to get it for me but Ciara makes it sounds […]

♫You’re Too Good To Lose, I’ll Be There When You Get Lost, When You Need Somebody, Keep Your Name On My Heart, Because, Because, Hear My Prayer Now, Just Give Me Time And I Will Be There Now♫

I love UK Soul/R&B singers. Rebecca Ferguson’s whole CD is terrific from start to finish. This song is one of my favorites because it’s such a feel-good song. I sing it to my eldest nephew all the time while he joins in with me and we dance around the room lol. Check it out…  

Heavily Played In My Zune for the Month of June


♫How Are You My Savior If You’re Stronger When I’m Gasping, I Gave My Heart Baby You Tossed It In The Flames Yea, You Hid Behind A Fucking Mask Like You Bruce Wayne Uh, I Waited For My Superman He Never Came, Gotta Rescue My Love Before It’s Too Late, Save Me From You♫

This is my favorite song that Ms. Dawn Richard has released. When I first heard it I was like, “Where was this song when I needed it back in some of my younger relationship days?” Lol. But no, I like how the song is composed and Dawn’s voice fits the song perfectly. And of course […]

♫Go Slow, So That I Can Hear Everything You’re Saying, Now I Know, You’re Going You Just Through This Away, You Know I Ain’t Gonna Take It, Go Slow, Look We Ain’t Gonna Make It, I Know, I Can Make You Stay, But I’ll Be Hurting From The Heat-heat-heat-heat-heat-heat-heat, Heat-heat-heat-heat-heat-heat♫

Haim is my favorite music group for the moment. Their sound is pure awesomeness. These 3 sisters need to go ahead and drop their album because their ♫Forever EP♫ will only hold me over for so long. Check them out!  

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