Now Say What?

I know everyone has had those moments when someone you’re talking to says something that has you going, “Huh? Now say what?” You end up sitting there thinking that you can’t believe they said that because you felt they crossed the line, or you felt they were just to open to tell you that so […]

♫True Love Died In ’96, There Is Nothing Left Now, Replace Hearts With Business, Damn Well, What I’m Meaning To Seems I, Think I Met Someone, But He Ain’t Really My Type Shittt, He Only 21, His Fingers Do The Talking, Where He’s From Will Be His Coffin♫

Iggy Azalea is one of the few talented rappers that will be making way during the 2012 year. After checking out her mixtape, ♫Ignorant Art♫, I can say that ♫The Last Song♫ is one of my favorite songs off the CD. This Australian chick can flow, and I love her fashion sense.  

Public Relations

Public Relations: the actions of a corporation, store, government, individual, etc., in promoting goodwill between itself and the public, the community, employees, customers, etc.  –   Public relations: The professional maintenance of a favorable public image by an organization or a famous person.  – Google   Do I know what PR is? Sure I do […]

♫Swinging In The Backyard, Pull Up In Your Fast Car, Whistling My Name, Open Up A Beer, And You Say Get Over Here, And Play A Video Game♫

I’ve liked this song ever since it was released. Lana Del Rey is a breath of fresh air to a dying artificial industry. She brings a style of the 60’s even though we’re in the 10’s. I enjoy when artist pay homage to their favorite era and do it correctly. Everything from her videos to her style […]

♫Why Don’t You Tell Me What You’re Scared Of, You Make Me Breathe So Easy, And I’m A Mess With Reminders Of You, I Often Wonder Where You Are Sometimes, I Close My Eyes And Picture It For Awhile, I Rise Awake To Find Myself Without You♫

This is one of those songs that I wish I could of wrote. Every lyric, melody, and delivery is well thought out. Res is a wonderful artist with wonderful talent that people have and still sleep on. This is one of my top 5 favorite songs of all time, so check it out. ☺  

In Ghana Part II—The Response


Real World: 2011 Winter Holiday


Big Feet

I feel like I should go on a motivational speaking tour to help people overcome their insecurities with their big feet. From family, to boyfriends, to even me…it’s a common insecurity. Growing up I was fat, but being fat is obvious, people automatically see that. The thing I hated was when I walked closer to […]