Happy 18th Birthday Son! Say Hello to Select Services

No country is perfect and no country is spared from my opinions that I enforce upon it. I love England like crazy, doesn’t mean it’s perfect. I was born and raised in the United States of America; I definitely know that it isn’t perfect by all means. The issue at hand today is the one […]

There Are Only 5 Types of People

Everyone always wants to know your next move like this is a game of chess. Umm, I just want to play checkers with the computer robot…alone, simple, and only I know my moves while others try to predict them. It’s only five types of people in the world: The Encourager, The Doubter, The Moocher, The […]

The Laughter Within Stupidity

People get dumber and dumber every day. The stupidity of people amazes me…amuses me. It is my entertainment that enthralls me with laughter. When you can look at all sides of the picture and even take into considerations historically past, currently present, and future events, you know you are smart and even intellectually beyond others. […]

Hilarious Audio From An Adult Children’s Book

I came across the book, Go the F**k to Sleep. I’m not going to spend this post debating if I’m for it or against. But I found a hilarious audio of the book. If you do decide to watch this video, please keep in mind that these are the real words from the book. Samuel L. Jackson is […]

R.I.P. Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston was a part of the last of a dying musical breed. Her voice was one that was recognizable and unmatched.  I may be a young one but I do know who Ms. Houston is. I remember going through my dad’s crates full of records during my earlier years of elementary and coming across […]

♫Just Make Sure You Don’t Tell On Me Especially To Members Of Your Family, We Best Keep This To Ourselves And Not Tell Any Members Of Our Inner Posse, I Wish I Could Tell The World Cause You’re Such A Pretty Thing When You’re Done Up Properly, I Might Want To Marry You One Day If You Watch That Weight And Keep Your Firm Body♫

If you write songs and you don’t know who Alanis Morissette is then you need to do some research. ♫Hands Clean♫ is another one of those songs that I wish I would have written. I tend to wonder is this is a true story or not, but either way it doesn’t matter. It’s a great […]

♫Oh Baby, Love Me Right, Let Me Love You ‘Til I Get It Right, Can’t You Let The Others Be, ‘Cause With You Is Where I Got To Be, Oh Sugar, Where You Been?, Hanging Out With Your Male Friends, Listen, Somebody’s Going To Hurt You, The Way You Love To Keep Hurting Me♫

My favorite song from the ’80s! Push play and jam!!! *sings/screams out loud* ♫Oh, Oh Sheilaaaa♫  

♫Ya’ll Concerned With Drake And Common, Me? I’m Concerned With Niggas Havin’ Fake In Common, Though I’m Leading I Don’t Really Know The Path, But The Future Can’t Be Worse If You Really Know My Past, Begged To Be Understood Anytime I Showed The Wrath, But How Could I Expect Third Parties To Know The Half♫

Not all of Joe Budden’s material is good but when it is…it’s great. Here’s one of Joe Budden’s magnificent freestyles. Enjoy!