♫You’re The Desert Sand, I’ll Be Your Water, And You’re The Perfect Plan I Never Thought Of, I Don’t Wanna Do This On My Own, And You Shouldn’t Have To Be Alone, I Would Rather Be Alone Together♫

Of course with Daley and Marsha, this song was going to be a hit. Once again…I love my UK Soul/R&B! This is a song I wished I vocal produced; like let’s rewind time and let me had thought of this. Lol. The lyrics are okay, quite simple…but the melodies, harmonies, background vocals, ad-libs, different vocal […]

Nicest Thing (Kate Nash) Cover

This is a cover I did way back when and finally decided to post it. I love ♫Nicest Thing♫ by Kate Nash…always have. I enjoy the lyrics and the acoustic guitar vibe that it has going on.  

Relationships Cost

I don’t know why people think they can have a growing/successful relationship with someone when they’re broke. When I speak about being broke, I’m speaking of time and money. You can be rich and buy your partner everything, but if you only show your face every three months, then that relationship will eventually come crashing […]