C.Nichole – “Every Day”

♪Every Day♪ is my leading track from my Acoustic R&B EP ♫Acoustically C.Nichole: Coup d’Etat♫. I wrote ♪Every Day♪ about a month before I turned 22. This was another song that was meant for a guy artist that I was writing for at the time. But hey, if you don’t want to sign the contract, […]

You Can’t Get Mad – Hot Damn Instrumental

I’m so far from hood I don’t think that lifestyle is good So I’m not drawn to All them thuggin’ types of dudes That’s just not what I’m into I don’t even like tattoos So you can say what you like But it’s my preference right? Yeah, I like the nerds Yeah, I like weird […]

I Thank You (Gratitude) – Superhuman Instrumental

I wouldn’t want you to go Without me letting you know Everything you mean to me I’m happy that you could be A part of my life, that is why I, Want to give you your flowers while you’re here…  

You Make Me – He Can Only Hold Her Instrumental

I loveeeee Amy Winehouse, so of course I had to write to one of her instrumental’s. To me, this instrumental gives off a happy feel…so I wrote a happy song 😀  

C.Nichole – “Hope You Hear This (On The Radio)”

♪Hope You Hear This (On The Radio)♪ is my Second Single from my debut solo R&B album ♫Coup d’Etat♫, which will be released on 11/11/14. ♪Hope You Hear This (On The Radio)♪ is a song I wrote at 21. The song was meant for a guy artist that I was writing for at the time. […]

I Was Walking (Down The Street) – Brooklyn Girls Instrumental

I wrote this song based on an actual day of events that took place, while I was in Washington D.C. walking down the SE side of 8th St. I’ve had Charles Hamilton’s ♪Brooklyn Girls♪ instrumental for years, so I figured I’d finally put it to use. 🙂  

C.Nichole – “In My Dreams”

♪In My Dreams♪ is my First Single from my debut solo R&B album ♫Coup d’Etat♫, which will be released on 11/11/14. ♪In My Dreams♪ is a song I wrote at 19 after I kept having this dream about a guy who’s face I could never see. I felt that I should write about it in order to […]

“Coup d’Etat” Album Preview

My debut solo R&B album “Coup d’Etat” is composed of 11 tracks. Every track was written and performed by me, with 5 tracks being produced by Crown Jones and 6 being produced by Magic. This album is more of a chill album; an introduction to who I am and my style/persona, which is chill. I […]

C.Nichole – “Know Me Now”

♪Know Me Now♪ is my Promotional Single from my debut solo R&B album ♫Coup d’Etat♫, which will be released on 11/11/14. ♪Know Me Now♪ is song explaining who I am and what I’m about. I wanted the video to have a fun feel like the song has; upbeat R&B with a pop undertone. I specifically […]

My Cherry Lipgloss – Step In Shadows Instrumental

I’ve been a fan of Dubstep since the earlier part of the 2000’s. SBTRKT is one of my favorite artist from that genre, so of course I wanted to remix one of his tracks. Check it out… PLAY – My Cherry Lipgloss  

Fashionista – Throw It In The Bag (Remix) Instrumental

I like to shop a lot, and one day I looked up and I was like “Man…I have a lot of clothes.” I also like going down to the fabric district and buying new fabrics to make things on my industrial sewing machine that I have. I also enjoy styling people and just making them […]

Apollo’s Interlude – “Recline Cool”

Apollo’s Interlude’s third single is “Recline Cool”. All in all it’s a song about chillin’, relaxing; hints the name “Recline Cool”. Crown Jones speaks about reclining cool in his car, and I talk about reclining cool on a flight. Enjoy!  

Apollo’s Interlude – “Everything That I Do”

Apollo’s Interlude’s second single is “Everything That I Do”. It’s a song about who Crown Jones and I are, and we’re speaking on how everything that we do makes us who we are. We don’t apologize for being different, instead we embrace it and keep it moving.  

Never Leave You Lonely – Attractive Idea Instrumental

I wrote this for all the good guys who always end up with the wrong girl. Every young lady isn’t the same, so there is no need for a young man to become a whore…just make better decisions when choosing a partner. I’m not saying that that young lady is I…I’m just saying lol.  

Apollo’s Interlude’s “Any Which Way”

Hey! So I’ve low-key been making an album with Crown Jones under the pseudonym, Apollo’s Interlude. Well guess what? The album is out today on iTunes, Amazon, etc. I decided to go ahead and put the time and money into making an album with my producer. Crown Jones is a rapper/producer and of course I’m a […]

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