Comprehending My Boredom

I took a trip to Dallas for Thanksgiving break and I didn’t really want to be here like I thought I would have. All my friends came home to Dallas from college and I had the feeling like ‘Yeah, whatever.’ I went through the whole day feeling bored, randomly texting people to see if I […]

Calmmm Downnn!!!!

I usually never watch Oprah but I was flipping through channels and I saw that it was the Oprah’s Ultimate Favorite Things edition. Oprah was showing everything she likes, and of course the audience received all the gifts she showed. I kept watching to find out that her audience was filled with people who have […]

Fall 2010 UH Phi Beta Sigma Probate


I Can/Could Learn Some Things from My Professor

I needed a recommendation letter in order to study aboard in Ghana for summer 2011. I decided to go to my International Business of Globalization Economics professor because I aced the midterm and she seemed cool. I already knew she had studied in London and worked on Wall Street in New York for some years. […]

Cold Hearted

I feel kind of bad for myself. Just broke up with someone I fell in love with twice. I couldn’t do anything but shrug my shoulders and went on about facebooking, twittering, texting, and watching TV like I usually do on a late night. My head was hurting and it actually went away. I guess […]


I was always aware that females treat males different because of what they have. I’ve been around celebrities and I’ve seen it first hand, but I guess it’s seen as a different eye-opener when it’s one of your friend’s who parents just happen to be well off. My friend just received the car pictured above […]