Music and Songwriting: Nothing in Life Is Guaranteed

Haha, money…don’t you love how people differ when it comes to money. I informed Crown Jones that it takes money…like hella money to promote an album and that we haven’t even nearly hit the cusp! I remember that day too. I was leaving work and he sent me a text message saying that this must […]

Music and Songwriting: This Is A LOT of Work!

Soooo, why didn’t anyone tell me that making the album was the easiest part of the ENTIRE process?! So I started by researching blogs and building an excel sheet which included blog sites, contact info, genre, etc. Once again, I wanted the Apollo’s Interlude ♫Any Which Way♫ album out beforehand so if people wanted it, […]

Music and Songwriting: Everything Will Happen His Way, In His Timing

It was now the end of September; same thing, different day. At this point, there was nothing left to do. I didn’t want to start marketing/promotions until after Apollo’s Interlude ♫Any Which Way♫ album was released. Most people forget unknown artist’s release dates, so I just figured when they asked or I talked to someone […]

Music and Songwriting: The Beginning To Something Never Ending

It was now April 29, 2013, my 22nd birthday, when I picked up another industry. Did I like marketing? Yeah, but I didn’t want to work behind a desk. I couldn’t see myself doing the same thing every day, working like a slave, not being to take off when I wanted. That’s when I discovered […]

Music and Songwriting: Don’t Lose Focus

It was now April, my birthday month, and I was trying to make sure my year of being 22 was full of accomplishments, at least something to show for from being 21. It was the middle of the month, and Crown Jones informed me that he had the beats ready. Uh yeah, after I finally […]

Music and Songwriting: What’s Going On!?

It had been a long February; I was working on this never ending drama filled reality show for MTV, trying to juggle sleep and ideas. I knew Crown Jones had several projects going and was always doing something, but I wanted to make sure he didn’t forget about us, but I didn’t want to be […]

Music and Songwriting: I Think I See It Coming Together…Maybe, Maybe Not

On January 2013, I had had these tracks that I had completed for a new producer. He had already had his fair share of producing for the rap industry, with plaques from working on albums like UGK and whatnot, but decided he wanted to make a transition into R&B. Even though he was good with […]

Music and Songwriting: Where Do We Go From Here?

I was getting ready to move back to Los Angeles, Burbank or Culver City was particular what I was aiming for. In August 2012, I went out there for a visit with my family to look at apartments, conduct some job interviews and to drop off some more applications. On the drive back to Dallas, […]

Music and Songwriting: Let’s Get On With Life Already

Spring 2011 became the busiest semester of my life. I got my record label internship and got a part-time job on campus. I started dating. I was prevalent in my organizations and made every meeting. I still took 18 hrs. and snuck songwriting in there somewhere. I spent time getting prepared for Ghana paperwork wise […]

Music and Songwriting: My Apologies, Can You Forgive Me?

It’s still Fall 2010 and Maria Mena’s ♫Cause and Effect♫ and Amy Winehouse’s ♫Frank♫ CD began to slowly mirror my life depending upon the day I had with him, my then boyfriend and now fiancé. I ended up calling the engagement off about a month later. No, just because I was 19 and he was […]

Music and Songwriting: Almost Losing Songwriting Forever

I came back to Dallas and spent the rest of the summer either at school knocking out some of my Journalism minor credits, or with my boyfriend, the guy who I had once fallen in love with and was dating again. He had consumed my life in a major way. Even when I was spending […]

Music and Songwriting: Education Interferes with Music; and London, England

I started Fall 2009 as a sophomore. I no longer had time to record music. I barely had time to write music. I had start joining organizations on campus, was consumed with reuniting with this one guy that I had dated back in high school and still taking my usual 18 hrs. Spring 2010 I […]

Music and Songwriting: Songwriting vs. Recording and Finding Producers

It was now January 2009 and I was in college in Houston, TX. I was still writing and had recently got some recording equipment. I told myself that I was going to do a Mixpaper. A Mixpaper was a mixtape for a songwriter. I started downloading all these instrumentals and writing to all these songs. […]

Music and Songwriting: The Next Chapter and Becoming Serious About Business

By now my dad knew Songwriting was my plan A. Of course I had to go to college, so I told my dad I would major in Marketing with the hopes of marketing for a record label because so many good albums go unnoticed because of horrible marketing. In 2009, I did end up going […]

Music and Songwriting: Singing Died and Songwriting Became My Life

It’s still the 2006-2007 school year and I’m still in California. I changed high schools though. Started back going to school in Pasadena, CA; decided to take up choir for the last time. Mr. Douglas was my choir teacher, and boy was he amazing! I ended up not only being in choir, but I was […]

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